Privacy Policy

Privacy is important and we want to outline the ways that we manage, collect and use your information. There are two main types of information we collect, personal and non-personal identifiable information. Personal identifiable information refers to information that can be used to identify an individual and distinguish that person from everyone else. Non-personal identifiable information is information that does not allow us to distinguish who you are from everyone else. From now on, this policy refers to “personal identifiable information” as “personal information” and “non-personal identifiable information” as “non-personal information”.

Non-personal information we collect

Sunrise Lawnmowing collects non personal information when you access our website. The information collected may include the following.

Our website uses Piwik analytics to monitor and track page views and visitor behaviour. The data collected by Piwik and the software itself, is stored on the same server that hosts this website. This data is not sold to any third party. Our website is managed by our chosen website developer and while they have access to this data, they will follow this privacy policy.

Geolocation data may also be collected in order to determine approximately the location of where our website is being accessed from. This data may contain the city and country that is accessing our website.

Personal information we collect

When you fill out our contact form and submit it or contact us through phone or email, we collect personal information. The information collected may include the following.

The personal information collected will only be used for business related communications and services.


A cookie is a small file that is created by a website to store information about the visitor. We use cookies to track visitors on our website. You can change your browser settings to block cookies if you would prefer not to have cookies placed on your computer.

Do Not Track

Our website respects the Do Not Track browser setting. You can enable Do Not Track in your browser to stop our analytics software, Piwik, from collecting data.

How we protect your information

Our website uses the transport layer security (TLS) protocol to transmit your information securely to the server. This means that the information sent to and from the server is encrypted and private which stops malicious parties from accessing your data. We do not sell or rent your information.

Last Updated: 28/09/17