Lawn Mowing

As our name suggests we mow all sizes of lawns from small residential properties to acreage blocks as well as commercial and government properties. We trim, mow and remove all green waste. Just let us know what you would like done and we can give you an obligation free quote.

Pruning & Garden Tidying

We also offer tree / shrub pruning service and general garden tidy up. We spread gravel and mulch and look after weed control if that is what you need. This can be done as a separate service to our lawn mowing or included as part of a whole yard and garden tidy up, just ask our friendly and experienced team.


Do you have a rental property in need of a yard and garden makeover including rubbish removal? We often get enquiries from owners, tenants vacating and real estate agents wanting this service, and if you want that rental property cleaned up for a new tenant then let us know. If you have a company that needs a lawn and garden maintenance service, we can do that too.

Other Services

What else do we do? We can pressure clean your driveway. We can also clean your roof, gutter and your outside walls. Got some old junk lying around that you want taken to the dump? Well we can do that too. We are more than just a lawn mowing service so if you are not sure what we do or can do then by all means ring us and we can let you know.